Nature and Mountains

Nature and Mountains

Villa La Farfalla is a country estate that lies at an altitude of 600 meters. Our estate consists of more than 16 hectares of meadow and forest with marvellous views over the hills where you can have excellent walks. This is possible on good accessible paved roads or through the forest on rougher footpaths. You can go for a little walk across our rural estate or you can make a daytrip with a backpack and a packed lunch.

On several spots on our estate you can sit on a bench and enjoy the surroundings, the trees, the sun. At sunset you may even see a deer or a wild boar crossing our lands!

For the ones who love race cycling our place is also very attractive. The giro d'italia has nearly passed our place in 2009 and the racing cyclists have climbed the mountain monte nerone. It takes some effort but the view makes it definitely worthwhile.

We supply maps where the different walking and cycling paths are marked.

Only 25 kilometres away from our country estate you will find the mountain Monte Nerone that lies at an altitude of 1600 meters. There you can have nice walks with magnificent views in the summer and in wintertime it’s a small skiing area with 4 pistes.

More than an hour’s drive from our Villa you will find the caves of Frasassi which are the largest of Europe and very special. The uniqueness of the caves is that they are not dark and narrow and hidden deep down the surface. These caves are mainly spacious, high and light. Part of the caves were only discovered in the ’70 and have been opened to the public since 1974. They are still in the process of making more areas open to the public. Therefore the facilities are very modern. A solid footbridge goes through the different areas and different lights point to the most beautiful formations of stalactites en stalagmites.

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